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Welcome to Nathan Haddock Books

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“Nathan’s writing is to the point, easily understood, and applicable to all following Christ.”

Stephen Gaukroger
(Vice-President of the Bible Society)

Welcome to the Online Home of Nathan Haddock Books!


Step into a realm where words resonate with the gentle message of faith, and the pages echo the whispers of divine wisdom. We extend a warm invitation to you to explore the immersive world of Nathan Haddock's inspiring works. Each page is a journey, a reflection, and an invitation to discover the beauty of a life anchored in faith. Here, you'll find hope, peace, guidance, and a journey toward spiritual enrichment.



Discover Transformative Insights

Nathan’s books are crafted with a passion for kindling the flame of hope and faith within every reader. Each page carries the weight of profound reflections, carefully penned to illuminate your path and elevate your spiritual journey. Whether you seek daily devotionals, insightful reflections, or a deeper connection with your faith, you'll find a haven within the pages of our offerings.



                      Nathan’s most popular offering

                               Dive into a year-long journey of faith with 'Christian Thoughts for Every Day of the Year,' a daily                                           devotional that isn't just a book; it's a beacon of hope, a wellspring of inspiration, and a gentle                                             challenge to elevate your Christian walk. Let each day unfold with purpose as you discover a reservoir                                   of wisdom, encouragement, and profound insights, inviting you to embrace hope, cultivate inspiration,                                 and face the challenges of your spiritual journey with unwavering faith.






Books of Hope for Mental Health

We understand that the journey to peace and healing can be challenging.

Visit Nathan’s Mental Health page, where his writings offer solace, encouragement,

and a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of mental health.


Bringing Inspiration to Your Doorstep

Ready to embrace the wisdom within Nathan Haddock's books? Click the links found on the My Books Page visit his Amazon page and bring these transformative works directly into your hands. Your journey to spiritual enrichment awaits, just a click away. Nathan Haddock Books is more than a collection of writings; it's a space where hearts and minds converge in the pursuit of a deeper connection with the divine. Nathan’s writing is not just about words on a page; it's about fostering a sense of peace and connection that transcends the boundaries of the digital realm.


Thank you for stepping into this sacred space. May your exploration be blessed with insights, and may the books you find here become a source of light on your spiritual journey.


With warmth and gratitude,

The Nathan Haddock Books Team

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