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Welcome to Nathan Haddock Books


“Nathan’s writing is to the point, easily understood, and applicable to all following Christ.”

Stephen Gaukroger
(Vice-President of the Bible Society)

Nathan has been inspiring, encouraging and challenging people around the world through his blogs and Facebook Pages for decades. His writings are now becoming available in book form so that more people can access them. God has used his writing in amazing ways in the lives of many people, bringing themtimely reminders of God's love, care, grace and mercy.  

This website has been created to introduce you to his books and writings. You can find out where to buy them, hear of projects in the pipeline and have sneak previews of what his books offer. You can also download one of his books absolutely free, just click on the link below.

Come Pray With Me

If your “Prayer Life” is sorted, then this book is not for you!

For everyone else, who struggles with prayer in some way, this book is a must. Even the most chatty of us sometimes find ourselves lost for words when it comes to speaking with God, this book is here to help.


Not Your Usual Prayer Book

Unlike most prayer books, that are packed with ancient prayers with little relevance to us today, this book is full of new prayers that have already helped and inspired many people all over the world in the 21st Century. Written by Christian Blogger Nathan Haddock, these prayers will help you find the words you need in everyday situations, in times of need, and at any time when you’re just not too sure what to say. These prayers can not only help your personal prayer life but can be used in churches, in groups, or anywhere else where you need to pray. Inspired by people such as Max Lucado, Francis Chan and A.W. Tozer, Nathan first started praying for people while counseling people as part of a Billy Graham Crusade in London in 1989.


Not only are these prayers a useful tool for your prayer life, but they are also packed with Godly truth and wisdom that will help you to explore whole new areas of prayer. If you are new to prayer or feel your prayer life could use a boost, this series of books will give you the lift you need.


"I always find Nathan's writing so encouraging."

Lyn Tarn