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Welcome to Nathan Haddock Books


“Nathan’s writing is to the point, easily understood, and applicable to all following Christ.”

Stephen Gaukroger
(Vice-President of the Bible Society)

Nathan has been inspiring, encouraging and challenging people around the world through his blogs and Facebook Pages for decades. His writings are now becoming available in book form so that more people can access them. God has used his writing in amazing ways in the lives of many people, bringing themtimely reminders of God's love, care, grace and mercy.  

This website has been created to introduce you to his books and writings. You can find out where to buy them, hear of projects in the pipeline and have sneak previews of what his books offer. You can also download one of his books absolutely free, just click on the link above.


Praying Through the Psalms
Photo Edition
Psalms 1-20

Wanting a better relationship with God? Longing for a deeper and a more fulfilled prayer life? The book of Psalms is a wonderful place to start and Nathan's new book helps you dive into it in an easy and enjoyable way. The Psalms has so much to offer us in our journey towards God. Full of wisdom, praise, prayer, poetry and inspiration the Psalms truly are a roadmap to guide us towards God. Beautifully illustrated with inspirational photographs of God creation and with prayers to help you put the beauty of the Psalms into practice this is a wonderful book to return to time and time again.

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