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Christian Thoughts for Every Day of the Year

“Christian Thoughts is an inspiring collection that anyone would find simultaneously encouraging, inspiring and challenging. Nathan’s writing is to the point, easily understood, and applicable to all following Christ.”

Stephen Gaukroger – Vice-President The Bible Society


The Christian journey is tough, there is no doubt about it. Each one of us could use a little encouragement and inspiration from time to time. This series of books brings just that. Written over many decades, these inspirational thoughts have already encouraged thousands of people around the world from all walks of life. These are thoughts to meditate upon, mull over and let sink into your heart. You cannot help but be encouraged by them and this is a book you will return to time and time again.

"These are short powerful thoughtful reminders of who God is and the place that God deserves in our lives. I recommend this book to you to quickly refocus your thoughts on God."


Dr. Allen Wachter DVM DMin CVPM Retired CM Author Dance of the Bees.


You Are Not Alone:
A Collection of Poems on Panic, Anxiety, and Fear

Embark on an emotional odyssey through 'You Are Not Alone: A Collection of Poems on Panic, Anxiety, and Fear.' In this poignant anthology, every verse is a lifeline, offering solace to those navigating the depths of panic, anxiety, and fear. Through the artistry of words, find comfort, understanding, and the empowering reminder that, even in the darkest moments, you are not alone. Join this poetic journey, where each line becomes a source of strength and solidarity.


Gathered Together Under His Wing

Gathered Together Under His Wing cover.j

Nathan’s poetry has inspired and encouraged Christians across the world for decades. His accessible writing style helps people relate and engage as he writes about the things of God. Invaluable in helping you draw nearer to God, this collection will certainly inspire you in your Christian life.

Come Pray With Me Cover DONE.jpg

Come Pray With Me

If your “Prayer Life” is sorted, then this book is not for you!

For everyone else, who struggles with prayer in some way, this book is a must. Even the most chatty of us sometimes find ourselves lost for words when it comes to speaking with God, this book is here to help.


God's Solution to Worry, Anxiety, and Fear

God's Solution Front Cover FINAL

When troubles come it can all seem overwhelming. We can be gripped by panic, fear, and anxiety. However, God has a solution, an antidote if you like. However bleak or frightening things seem, God is still in control, He is still sovereign, not distant, but here for us all. He wants you to know His peace, hope, and even His joy during troublesome times. This short book will help you discover God’s solution to worry, anxiety, and fear. Packed with Biblical truth as well as practical help that works this book is a must for all who struggle with worry, anxiety, or fear.


Praying Through The Psalms FINAL COVERS-ebook.jpg

Praying Through the Psalms
Photo Edition

Wanting a better relationship with God? Longing for a deeper and a more fulfilled prayer life? The book of Psalms is a wonderful place to start and Nathan's new book helps you dive into it in an easy and enjoyable way. The Psalms has so much to offer us in our journey towards God. Full of wisdom, praise, prayer, poetry and inspiration the Psalms truly are a roadmap to guide us towards God. Beautifully illustrated with inspirational photographs of God creation and with prayers to help you put the beauty of the Psalms into practice this is a wonderful book to return to time and time again.


Discover peace in the midst of chaos with 'Finding Peace Amid Panic or Anxiety.' This transformative guide unveils meditations and techniques designed to bring tranquility to your life. From calming breathing exercises to powerful coping strategies, this book is your companion in navigating panic and anxiety. Embrace a path of healing, as each page becomes a sanctuary of peace, offering you the tools to reclaim control and find calm amidst life's storms.

Finding Peace Amid Panic or Anxiety:


Christian Thoughts for Today
Christian Thoughts to Encourage, Inspire and Challenge

Unlock the power of daily inspiration with 'Christian Thoughts for Today' – a profound collection designed to ignite your faith journey. Immerse yourself in thoughts that not only encourage and inspire but also challenge you to deepen your connection with God. Each page is a wellspring of wisdom, a daily companion offering a moment of reflection, motivation, and spiritual growth. Elevate your Christian walk with these transformative thoughts that bring encouragement, inspiration, and a call to embrace the challenges of living a faith-filled life."

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