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Mental Health

You Are Not Alone

Having anxiety, fear, or panic attacks can be a lonely and isolating journey. It can feel like you are alone in your suffering; that everyone else is doing just fine. The reality is, they're not. We still don't like to talk about our mental health issues; we put on a mask and pretend everything is going ok. My hope is that my poems can help others feel less alone in their struggles, relate to what I've written and know that others understand something of what they are facing. All people suffer in different ways, but there are many similarities and knowing you aren't the only one is of much comfort to many. 



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You Are Not Alone is a compilation of poems written to resonate with people who suffer from anxiety, fear or panic. The first set of poems is available FREE just click the button to the right to download your copy.

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You Are Not Alone

A Collection of Poems on Panic, Anxiety, and Fear

You Are Not Alone is a book of poems that shows people that they are not alone in their struggles. It is an honest exploration of Mental Health issues and shows the reader that others are going through similar things and understand how it feels. The book also shows that there is hope, and the poems with its pages have resonated and brought solace to many people.

The book deals with issues of











It helps its readers to know that…


They are not the only ones struggling


That others know what they are facing


That there is hope


That other people understand


That it is ok to be open about their struggles


You Are Not Alone is a book that lots of people find easy to relate to and has helped many, who struggle with their mental health, know that they ARE NOT ALONE.

Finding Peace Amid Panic or Anxiety



Discover peace in the midst of chaos with 'Finding Peace Amid Panic or Anxiety.' This transformative guide unveils meditations and techniques designed to bring tranquility to your life. From calming breathing exercises to powerful coping strategies, this book is your companion in navigating panic and anxiety. Embrace a path of healing, as each page becomes a sanctuary of peace, offering you the tools to reclaim control and find calm amidst life's storms.

This book will help you to...


Switch off panic                               Cope with pressure


                 Gain better sleep                   Calm a racing mind


    Wind back anxiety                     Tame your mind


           Deal with anxiety attacks                                Relax


                  Reduce stress levels               Reduce over-thinking


 Find rest                                Increase levels of peace                            

    Improve your mood       Be at peace in difficult circumstances

Mental Health and Me

I’m Nathan and I have suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and fear for decades. For years I suffered in silence, the outside world had no idea what I was going through. To talk about my issues was taboo and it just brought all my difficulties to the forefront of my mind which was the last place I wanted them to be. So, I kept it all to myself; after all, no one else was struggling, or so I thought. After a lonely and isolating journey of mental health struggles, I began to open up about my struggles and found that I was not actually alone, that so many people were also hiding behind the mask of “coping well”, “doing ok” when they were struggling just as badly as I was. As I spoke about my issues it seemed to permit people to open up about their struggles, knowing that they wouldn’t be judged or thought less of. This Page is birthed out of a desire to let more people know that they are not alone and that most people suffer with their mental health from time to time. I hope that my poems will be relatable to many people and helpful in knowing that other people feel the same things, suffer in the same ways and understand something of what they are going through. It is not easy to open up about mental health issues and I hope that this will start the conversation for many people. I desire to break down more of the taboos that people with mental health issues face and to show people that there is hope, a brighter future and that life is worth fighting for.


I’d love for you to follow me on social media, share my poems and engage with them. It is great that you have found me here.

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